Environmental Policy



Chris Hill Tree Services are dedicated to the safeguarding of our natural environment and its conservation. Our intention, is to manage trees and woodlands effectively, in order to provide a safe and healthy tree environment for all persons, wildlife and their habitats. 




Our emphasis:

  • Making sure we follow industry guidelines while working alongside with local authorities and our customers, in finding the best solutions to tree related issues

  • Providing sustainable practices, such as the reuse of the wood chip generated during tree surgery

  • Preserving trees where possible, using pruning techniques to enhance the health of the tree rather than removing it

  • Being aware of the environment around us, making sure we are careful in maintaining bird and other wildlife habitats, as well as keeping pollution to a minimum

Recycling and waste:

Long length wood is planked and reused in other ways. Smaller limbs are reused as firewood.

Wood chip is stored and turned regularly in order to kill harmful pathogens within it. It is then be reused in a variety of ways including planting schemes, and in the garden as a mulch.

All other waste is recycled accordingly by type eg paper, plastic, metal.


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